The Lagoonatic April 9


Hail fellow Atlanticans, main-landers and other sorts of flotsam drifting life-streams and flows. I am sorry to have to confess this, as I was hoping to bring you footage of the Dragon 9 launch yesterday eve, but this Toshiba Satellite and I are still getting aquatinted and not quite seeing camera to eye just yet. As A consolation I will offer this photo of daybreak as the sun prepares to rise over the Indian River Lagoon.

Okay, looking at this I can see the need for a different form  of image-capturing. At one time I used a Fuji camera that did an pretty fair job of rendering liquid-nature into digital images, but like all things material, it got left behind somewhere along the path I walk.

At any rate it is difficult at best to capture what the eye beholds. For instance, those mornings when clouds drape the eastern horizon are usually the most dramatic. Clouds create color, add greater depth and texture to the canvas of dawn with their varying density. Rain showers can become curtains of shadow when trapped between the eye and sunrise, although there are those times when they become sparkling, almost crystaline wonder-worlds floating between the firmament of heaven and the receiving grace of waiting soil, sand and river-ways.

These images are a combination of visual input, memory of similar experience, perhaps even past-life experience if you believe such things and present level of perception. That is a lot to ask of any image-capturing device. So the eye beholds, the brain renders, remembers and finally forgets. And where was I going with this?

SSMatthews Barefoot Poetry

April 9th 2016


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